Posture and its Importance

Restricting Movement and Breathing with Bad Posture by Sitting. Posture is important for long term health of the spine and body but also is linked to Cystic fibrosis by helping the lungs to be open and free.

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.

Be concentrated on your breathing with great posture and effort. Open the lungs to breathe freely

Sitting down has such a negative impact on your health. It affects your posture, which is important for keeping your lungs clear as posture helps keep your lungs open. Posture is something people with Cystic Fibrosis do not think about and it is something that they should. This blog will discuss this.    

Posture and Daily Changes:

Here is part of a blog I wrote for IPC that can be linked to this article. You do not have to have good fitness levels to make these small daily changes.

Think about how much time you spend daily sitting down, whether at work, watching tv, driving or doing other things. Correct posture and spine alignment is vital. According to one study the average person spends 15 hours sitting down a day. The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that pro-longed bouts of sitting are linked with obesity, abnormal metabolism, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer and increased risk of early mortality. And the study also showed these risks do not change whether you exercise or not.

Another study done in Denmark showed that people who walked over 6,000 steps per day when they reduced these to 2,000 steps for just two weeks they had a higher insulin levels and gained an average of 7% more body fat eating the same foods as they normally did.



When sitting metabolism decreases because your body is not working which also increases your blood sugar levels. Rather than burning 3 calories per minute and above by standing or walking you only burn one calorie when sitting down.

How to change it?

Be aware of your posture. Always look for a neutral spine. Do not let your shoulders be forward rotated in a hunched over position. Neck straight and not looking down. Allston Stubbs, an orthopedic surgeon at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, in Winston-Salem, N.C., who treats patients with back or joint pain. “We see the spine and overall skeletal structure being critical to a patient’s functionality and their satisfaction with their life and health care.” It has also shown to affect your mood. Someone with good posture has been proven to have a happier more positive mood than someone with bad posture. Changing your posture is not an easy fix and your mind needs to be constantly aware of it.

Stand up at your desk or use a Swiss ball. This will not allow you to slump, will help you burn more calories and keep your muscles activated. Swiss balls will help you maintain good posture and balance and will also help activate your core.

Take Breaks

Take breaks to move around work, some mobility exercises, stretch and walk. Just 5-10 minutes every hour or 20-30 minutes on your lunch break.

Add Mobility and Flexibility into your training and lifestyle

Stretch at night or in the morning, constantly make the joints mobile. We have a class every Sunday 10:00-11;00am where we stretch and go over mobility exercises. Even attending one of these every month you can take the class into your daily routine. It is no surprise to me that the people who attend this class have greater movement ranges and technique. It helps you become aware of correct posture and movement patterns. Some people wake-up, sit and have breakfast, sit in the car to work and then go train or sit all day in work. As soon as you wake up you can duck walk to the bathroom, squat as you brush your teeth. Watch TV while you stretch, all little changes for big improvements. 

Walk Around While Taking Your Nebs

Portable nebuliser? If you do go on a walk while you have it. Take in some fresh air. Carry your tablets in your pockets and take them as you walk. Be as active as you can in all areas of life.


Good Posture


Bad Posture

bad posture


Sitting is bad for you. D Always be aware of correct posture and body alignment. Add flexibility and mobility into your routine. Correct posture will keep your lungs open, help you breathe better, act more positively and help you move. I have never heard anyone tell me about a great experience they had when they were sitting down. Life is for living, exploring and doing!

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