The Pine Tree of Life

I came about this story researching enzymes and how they are related to Cystic Fibrosis. Now this research is not directly linked to Cystic Fibrosis but it is linked to health.

There is a Bristlecone Pine Tree in California which is almost 4,800 years old and at the moment is the oldest recorded living being at its time.

Yeah so its a plant and how does that link to me as a human?

Inside the roots of the Bristlecone Pine Tree is an enzyme that rebuilds telomeres which scientists have named telomerase. Once they found this enzyme in the tree they also realised it was in humans.

Dr Dean Ornish teamed up with Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and actually gained a Nobel Prize in 2009 for the discovery of Telomerase. Their study showed that a 3 month programme of eating whole food, plant based nutrition as well as other health changes like exercise and sleep could significantly improve telomerase activity. This was the only intervention ever shown to improve telomerase.

A 5 year follow up study has recently been published.

(control group)- Group that didn’t change their lifestyles their telomerase shrank with age as predicted meaning less chance of living longer healthier lives and increased cellular ageing.

(Healthy Living Group)- Their telomeres didn’t shrink but it actually grew meaning that they were expected to live even longer than when they first started 5 years ago because of how much less they had not aged in this time. They had reversed cellular ageing.

Further research was done through a calorie restricted diet and exercise plan but this also failed to improve tolemerase length. The studies showed it was not the quantity of food eaten it is the quality of the food eaten (another reason for not counting calories). The studies showed that no matter how much weight people lost eating calorie diets where anything processed etc can be be eaten that no benefits happened. Individuals on the plant based diet who actually exercised less had the same amount of weight loss and improved telomerase. This proves that it wasn’t the exercise or the weight loss that reversed cell ageing it was actually the food.

Dr Onish used the same diet and lifestyle changes and it was shown to reverse the progression of cancer cells, heart disease and every other one of the 15 lifestyle related causes of death.

A good diet can will benefit your body inside and out and can treat causes of illness. While medication has some side effects a good diet only has a positive impact on your health. Meaning a good diet will not only improve your heart it will improve all your organs.

The diet that had the best results used whole food,organic plant based foods and stayed away from meat, eggs, dairy and processed foods. 


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