About- Who am I

Diagnosed at birth with the genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis I had to grow up making a conscious effort to look after myself both physically and mentally. The life expectancy of someone born with Cystic Fibrosis in 1990 was 22 years old. That statistic has now risen to 38 in the UK (2015) and in my opinion will only continue to grow. This led me to being passionate about health and nutrition. Being born with CF had a big impact on how I treated my body and mind. It was at a very early age I understood how health, nutrition and psychological mindset are all linked together in achieving your life potential.

In my childhood years my parents were told not to let me exercise, play in the cold or the mud because of the physical stress it would put on my body. I did the opposite as I loved physical activity and my parents believed I should do things all the other kids were doing. Now Cystic Fibrosis children are getting advised to exercise because of the physical benefits of exercise. I have achieved some great sporting achievements already. I represented my country in Football and athletics, broke school and division records in long distance running and am now currently living my dream of being a professional Mixed Martial Artist fighting out of the MMA Academy Liverpool. Keeping fit and healthy is a huge part of my life, eating the right foods and training correctly is my lifestyle.

I believe eating healthy has played a big part on my wellness and has had many positives that medication has not. Staying healthy and eating the correct foods is a big part of my life and helps me to succeed. I have been fortunate to grow up with parents who live a healthy lifestyle. My dad is obsessed with healthy eating and has always been constantly growing in the field since I was born. I study nutrition learning from the best and have used the knowledge obtained to help me stay healthy and work with athletes to optimize their performance. Not only do I work with athletes I help other people with CF stay healthy and do some motivational speaking and raise awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis trust. I hope to educate other CF sufferers and parents on a different view of eating that has helped with my health.

I have studied physical, mental and nutrition principles all my life gaining a degree in sports coaching. I coach at The Inspire Performance Centre Wrexham which is mine and my Dads gym. We work with all ages and ranges of ability helping people reach their potential in sport, fitness and life. We are a lifestyle gym if your lifestyle is about improving your body and mind, through weight management, nutritional understanding or becoming fitter, faster, stronger, healthier.

In order to be happy we must be progressing in fields we have a passion for. The most successful people are involved in jobs which they enjoy. We all have the potential to excel we just have to commit to our goals with full focus. Having these goals in areas that make us happy will lead you into a happy positive life. The body is not very clever when it comes to control because you can convince it of anything. I hope to motivate you, and give you tips and belief that you can do great things in a field of your choice as long as you commit to the cause.  Life is a journey, one we must enjoy and hopefully reach our true potential. What-ever field you are in, sport, business, teaching, coaching, nutrition etc, reaching excellence comes from committing to the cause. If we have limits we restrict ourselves, if we change our beliefs about limits the limits themselves change.

I am not a doctor. All i am doing is sharing my experiences with you which can hopefully help you improve your life.

Find out more about my story with a short documentary on:


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