Pink Himalayan Salt (The Only Salt You Need)

Pink Himalayan Salt

The only salt you need

This blog will contain information on the only salt I use in my diet which is Himalayan Pink Salt. It will discuss Pink salt v common table salt as well as sea salt and weigh up which one is the best for your diet.


Cystic Fibrosis adults and children lose extra salt when they sweat. I always thought this was normal growing up and use to lick my face when playing football to taste the salt. It was only when I started noticing white marks and patches over my face after a game of football that I asked the question. Salt is an essential nutrient that the body needs to help absorb electrolytes, regulate fluid and water levels. Without salt we can become dehydrated, get muscle cramps and waste valuable nutrients. If you are exercising or the sun is out and you sweat more you will need more salt than a cold day where you have not broken a sweat. Sodium helps muscles contract and helps regulate blood pressure and volume. You do not want to have too much salt but you need to realise you need more than people without Cystic Fibrosis again depending on what you are doing.

Pink Himalayan Salt v Common Table Salt and Sea Salt

I will always choose Pink Himalayan Salt over Common table salt because it is more natural. It is the most pure form of salt that can be found on the planet. Pink Himalayan salt contain 84 trace minerals that are found in the human body. So when we sweat out salt this is a better replacement that normal salt. Common table salt is refined and so is sea salt. Table salt pulls water from the blood stream causing thirst and puts pressure on the digestive system. This can lead to constipation and the accumulation of toxins in the intestines. While sea salt and table salt give you sodium chloride it is also full of harmful chemicals like iodine. Common table salt contains no vitamins or minerals except sodium chloride.

Pink Himalayan Salt


Contain 84 essential nutrients v table salt which is purified and depleted of natural minerals

85% of it is sodium chloride and 15% are trace minerals while table salt is 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% additives roughly depending on the brand.

Contain magnesium which is a vital nutrient while table salt contains anti-caking compounds.

Himalayan salt promotes a healthy pH balance of the cells and regulates blood sugar levels.  Table salt contains iodine…..who wants that in their body?

 Pink salt assists in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body while table salt is stripped of its minerals, bleached, cleaned with chemicals and then heated at extremely high temperatures.

Supports respiratory health, a great benefit for people with CF while table salt is hard for our body to digest and uses extra water to neutralise it.

Promotes bone strength while table salt is rubbish

Helps you sleep better while yeah again nothing good to say about table salt

Promotes vascular health vs basically stop having table salt.

So I cannot really justify anyone adding common table salt into their diet over Pink Himalayan sea salt and hopefully after reading this you will agree.



Sea Salt is better than Common table salt as it is more natural but the more polluted our ocean gets the more processed our sea salt gets. Overall there are not beneficial reasons to consume sea salt or common table salt over pink salt.



Sticking to Principles

We all understand we need extra salt in our diets and the importance of it. Early blogs discussed some of my nutrition principles and eating natural products that are organic was one of them. Therefore Pink Salt is the only salt I have in my diet. It has so many more benefits than sea salt and common table salt for me it is a no-brainer and it follows my eating principles.

How I use it

I add it to my food in all of my main meals depending on the amount of training I have done and sweat I have lost. Per litre of water I drink I add a pinch of Himalayan salt. In my post training shake where I have lost salt I will add ¼ tea spoon into my shake.


We need salt in our diets

Pink Salt contains 84 essential minerals

Pink salt benefits wipe the floor with common table salt and is better than sea salt

Can be purchased from most major supermarkets

Add to your food and your water

Amount needed depends on what you have done or are about to do

Pink Himalayan Salt is the only salt you need


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