A Positive Mindset

This blog will discuss a positive mindset and the benefits it can have on your health. Having a positive mindset has helped me with my condition and my life. The mind is such a big contributor to your health.

“A man is what he thinks, everything is a state of mind”- Bruce Lee

The mindset I have built has come from a sporting background but I have applied it to dealing with Cystic Fibrosis. Positive perspectives inspire us and help give our lives meaning and joy. They allow us to be free. We can control our mindset but positive thoughts must come from within. The brain cannot distinguish what is real and what is visualisation.  Visualisation and a positive mindset can have a powerful effect on the body.

Negative emotions are fuel for your own destruction. When I moved to the adult’s clinic I was told about all the negative effects of growing old with Cystic Fibrosis. I then started believing they would all happen to me. I started viewing myself as a sick person. This resulted in my lung function decreasing and led to two hospital stays. I started to believe I belonged in the hospital. I had this constant burden on my mind that this is what my life would be like forever. It was only when my lung function and health actually started to get worse while I was in hospital I started to realise I needed out and did not belong there. I needed to be in the gym training and with my friends who did not view me as a sick person. Being in the gym and with my friends was fun as being in hospital was like prison for me. I have not had a hospital stay since I changed my mindset and I am looking to carry on that way for as long as possible. I am not saying a healthy body is all about a healthy mind but it is a big contributing factor. They both relate and impact each other.

Creating positive images and thoughts can help us create the life we want. 

You have to believe you can be healthy and want to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Don’t accept being constantly ill, in and out if hospital as your lifestyle. My parents never accepted that lifestyle for me and brought me up to want the best from life and health. Don’t have a fixed mindset and believe you cannot change. Instead have a growth mindset open to new ideas which can help you develop more. Do not look at “What is” look at “What should be”.

A study in Denmark which looked at 607 patients that had heart disease found that patients who had a positive outlook had 58% more chance of living an extra 5 years than the negative ones. The people with a more positive outlook also exercised regularly.

This study is great as it shows a change in mindset can improve the quality of your life which is something everyone wants. This does not have to just be about health but any area in your life. Physical activity is proven to enhance your mood and having a positive outlook can help motivate you into other healthy habits. That might mean improving your nutrition, going for walks, meditating or even taking care of your sleep. Setting goals can help you improve your life and your health. I have a goals board on my bedroom door full of yellow sticky stamps. Every day I read my goals and once completed I rip them off and replace them with a greater goal. This way I can constantly grow.

Unfortunately your Doctor cannot give you a drug for a positive mindset. It has to come from within. Some of things I recommend are spending time with happy positive people. This can give you some positive energy. Don’t spend time talking about negative things with negative people. Positive people help you feel good and give you positive thoughts and feelings. Do things that make you happy and at times be selfish and don’t do things you don’t enjoy or be with people you don’t like. Help other people which can help you. Helping someone and giving people compliments can help with you feel better. It is constantly spreading positive energy.  Try having no bad thoughts just positive ones. Every time something negative comes into your head change it for a positive one. It is tough not to have negative thoughts but when you do have them always correct them. Let one negative thought that comes into your mind be replaced with 5 positive ones. You have to work on a positive mindset and train your mind to be this way.

See Cystic Fibrosis as a challenge. Compete against it; always believe you can be better, healthier. Embrace the things that are important to you. Enjoy every moment as only that second is real. If you want to move in a positive direction you must choose to go that way. Make positive focused choices.

Embrace a Positive perspective:

Make being positive a habit

Rejoice in all the good in your life

Focus on what you can do


Set daily goals and start being successful on a daily basis by achieving them. This will bring more good habits into your life and will help make you feel good.

Being positive and having the right mindset is proven to help you with your health and life. At times situations get tough but negative thoughts are no help to you at all. They just enlarge the problem

.Be happy and positive and it can give you a greater chance of the life you want.

Post positive thoughts with sticky notes in your bedroom. Read them daily when you wake up and before you leave your room.

As the early quote from Bruce Lee stated  “A man is what he thinks, everything is a state of mind”.

These principles can be related to your health, job, business, sport or any aspect of your life.


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