First Blog:

Cystic Fibrosis is also called “65 roses” because that is how children say Cystic Fibrosis.


This blog is an introduction to my background and story which lead me to where I am today. It will include why I am blogging and what you can expect from my blog page.

Born with Cystic Fibrosis this led to a passion into health, nutrition and sports.

moel famaueHere i am chasing my mum up Moel Famau in North Wales on a run I went on with IPC (Inspire Performance Centre) gym.

My Story

As a school kid growing up I was always into sports.  Any sport you would see me taking part and having fun doing so. I loved the physical activity and the competitiveness it brought. In my younger years up until my teens football was my main sport. I wanted to become a professional footballer. I played for Shrewsbury Town for four years and in this time represented Wales at under 15, 16 and 17s level. I played with the players like of Aaron Ramsey, Joe Allen, Gareth Bale and Neil Taylor. My family would travel around Europe to watch me play and support me. The physical exercise combined with the mental benefits of competition and socialising with others helped me grow as a person. The trips helped me become independent with my medication ad how I dealt with Cystic Fibrosis. I was a successful youth player.


Playing For Shrewsbury Town and captaining them to Champions of the Ian Rush International Tournament.

When it came to giving out full time contracts I did not receive one basically due to the club not wanting to take a risk on my health (Cystic Fibrosis). I left the club with a standing ovation from players, parents and previous coaches. This was my life and it had been taken away from me because of something I was born with. I was upset but willing to bounce back. Wrexham allowed me to go there for pre-season. I signed for Wrexham on a one year part time deal which allowed me to go to college and study sport science.

Transition to MMA:

During this time in college my Uncle Julian Aby started a Mixed martial-arts (MMA) class with all proceeds going to Cystic Fibrosis. Julian had travelled the world studying MMA and wanted to combine his interest with raising funds for CF. I started off once a week, then twice a week and then before I knew it I was asking my Uncle to take me on my own for extra training. I was doing this along with football and college. I started picking it up very fast and became addictive to learning about all the techniques.

bradley mma josh mc

Here I am drilling with one of my good friends Josh Mcloed.

After one year at Wrexham I went to play in the Welsh Premier league but football was just not the same for me anymore. I would play every week and train in both sports. When I started competing in MMA it was here I decided to go down the route full time and dedicate myself to the sport. I had 4 amateur fights and 3 semi professional fights by this time all which I had won. It was then I decided I needed to go find a full time gym where I could train and this is where I found the MMA Academy in Liverpool.

The MMA Academy:

This became my second home. I would train here in the days I did not have university and back home in Wrexham at night with Julian. The people I met here have become family. Jason Tan UFC veteran and Peter Davies have created a great team. I have met some great people within the team and have developed dramatically in the sport. I have grown in the sport and as a person and the active lifestyle and focus on nutrition lead to improvements in my health. I am now a professional fighter. I train most days of the week and manage my condition carefully. The team at the MMA Academy is constantly growing and I am proud to be part of it.

mma acadamy team

With Peter Davies, Jason Tan and Mike Wootten after a victory on FCC


When I went full time as an amateur I was also studying a degree at Glyndwr University in Sports Coaching. I was learning about sport science, sports coaching, training principles, nutrition and sport psychology. The degree was not tough because I had been brought up with a dad with great knowledge in these fields and was always involved in high level sport. It was all second nature to me now the only thing I had to learn was my assignment writing skills. While doing this I started coaching at my uncles classes. I would train most days, study, travel to Liverpool and train and coach at night.

Inspire Performance Centre (IPC)

IPC was something me and my dad had always discussed. He was always interested in scientific training. He had great knowledge in this field as well as nutrition. He made me a deal if I got my degree I could help run the facility. My dad had coached in Rugby for 15 years after playing professionally at Sale. So we made our dream come true and opened up the performance centre. The facility has brought me great joy and motivation. I witness people change their lives for the better in IPC and it really does motivate me. Here I get to use my coaching degree, train and coach an MMA team along with my Uncle and other coaches. I work with professional athletes and every day people who just want to train. I have seen people change their lives in this facility, come back from injuries they were told they cannot and progress in their chosen fields. My friends all train here and I have met some great people in this facility.

battle ropesmuay thai

Some pictures from the facility.

Overall Health and work for CF Trust:

So by my background story in brief detail you can see my interest in physical activity, nutrition, health and psychology. I believe these aspects I have picked up from areas of my life along with Cystic Fibrosis have lead me to where I am today. I hope to be an example to other people with the condition and can help inspire them to do good things with their lives. My life involves my passion and this makes me happy.

Why I have decided to start blogging:

The CF trust have used me to give talks in schools, and meet with other parents with new born babies with Cystic Fibrosis. I and the family have risen over £20,000 for the CF trust and IPC takes parts in events to help raise money for the trust. I want to help and share information so people can make changes for the better in their lives. People have always mentioned to me about blogging, writing a book and sharing information so people can change their lives. I hope the information I share in my blogs can have a positive influence on your lives.

What my blogs will involve:

My blogs will vary on articles based around, health, nutrition, training and psychological mindset. I will look into all the aspects that I feel people can change to improve their lives. I will look to share my experiences and knowledge with you through the blog. Some blog topics you don’t feel relevant to your life you don’t have to read. If you have Cystic Fibrosis or know anybody that does I defiantly recommend you follow this blog.

Future Blog Posts:

Please feel free to comment with any topics that you will like me to discuss in future blogs and leave any feedback positive and negative.

Motivational Quote:

“To keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise we cannot keep our body and mind strong”


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